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       Domed Numbers was started by Eric Gibby almost 20 years ago. Eric owns a Malibu Sunsetter VLX and was faced with the reality of having to put regular registration numbers on his boat. He was not satisfied with the options of flat decals or painting so he began the research on other types of registration numbers. Eric also owns Info Screen Printing and while at an industry trade show he was introduced to the process of doming. Immediately he knew this was the answer, but the current methods of doming were not set-up to do one item at a time. Every set of boat registration numbers are unique which meant we needed to be able to cost effectively produce one set at a time. The current technology was set-up for doing 1000’s at a time. So Eric began the process of figuring out how to produce a completely individualized product with equipment meant for major production. With the help of several suppliers and manufactures of high end doming equipment we devised a system that let us have the flexibility of doing one at a time but the cost benefits of large production. After figuring out the process we then set out with a mission to match as many boats as possible. This mission continues each and every day. Our team personally designs and matches 100’s of new styles each year to make sure we match your boat exactly.

Eric Gibby

Owner / Founder

Andrew Alpers

VP / New Product Development

Angie Royce

Manager / Customer Service

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